LPE S.p.A.

Baranzate, Italy

LPE was founded in 1972 as a producer of chemical wet benches and small cvd reactors. Starting from 1987 LPE focused his activity to silicon epitaxial reactor for power devices. From then LPE has established various satellite companies in the USA, in Czech Republic, in France, in Japan and in 2004 in China. During these years LPE has become the worldwide leader in the epi reactors for Power devices. In 2005 LPE reactors were the equipment of choice for IGBT device for the hybrid car. LPE has 87 people of which 5 directly involved in R&D

Product Portfolio LPE portfolio includes both epitaxial reactors and ancillaries products as follows:

•    PE2061S – dual chamber reactor with very high productivity for silicon epitaxy
•    PE3061D – “cassette to cassette” high quality silicon epitaxial reactor
•    ACiSM10 – Manual loading hotwall reactor for SiC epitaxy
•    Inventa – HCVD silicon carbide crystal grower at 2700°C
•    Subli100 – Sublimator for 100mm SiC bulk growth
•    Bubbler to deliver liquid precursors
•    Automatic switching gas panel for TCS delivery

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