The Netherlands

ASM Europe BV

Almere, Netherlands
ASM is a leading manufacturer of wafer-fab and packaging equipment and materials. ASM’s Front-end Operations has a 40-year track record in the industry, particularly in all types of CVD technologies such as LPCVD, ALD, RTCVD, PECVD and Epitaxy. ASM Front-End-of-Line division manufactures vertical batch furnaces for atmospheric, LPCVD and ALD applications and several families of single wafer reactors, both in stand-alone equipment as in cluster platforms, dedicated to the range of processes as mentioned above. ASM Front-End has a global network of R&D, production, marketing and sales facilities with major subsidiaries in Europe, the USA, Japan and Singapore. Major R&D centers in Europe are located in Almere (Netherlands), Leuven (Belgium), Helsinki (Finland).
The total worldwide workforce on January 1, 2011 amounted to 16.669 of which 1.450 in Front-End. Total number of employees in Europe was 210, of which 84 in R&D activities.

Bruco Integrated Circuits bv

Borne, Netherlands
Bruco Integrated Circuits B.V. is specialized in design of custom made Integrated Circuits. Bruco Integrated Circuits offers design services that focus on the development of analog, mixed-signal, RF and high voltage custom made integrated circuits. Together with Bruco Components B.V. we not only cover the entire IC creation process, including verification, test and qualification but also the supply chain with production testing, assembly, wafer storage and delivery of components.
When founded in 1988, the company was solely working for automotive customers. Today Bruco has 400 man-years of design experience and a track record of more than 120 custom IC's we have developed ourselves. Specific competencies are: automotive (with more than 60 man-years experience), mobile communication, test and measurement, medical, FPGAs, logistics and project management. We are recognized as a knowledge centre by brand names like NXP, PHC and Elmos.
Bruco serves its customers with close to 40 highly educated employees of which around 30 IC designers at bachelor's, master or PhD degree.

Heliox B.V

Borne, Netherlands
Heliox is specialised in the research, design and manufacturing of high performance power conversion products. The R&D department of Heliox is mainly located in The Netherlands. Heliox is active on the high end consumer market, the medical market, the automotive market and the renewable energy market. Heliox is specialised in Research and Development of power conversion modules for a variety of products and applications: high audio quality Class D amplifiers and multichannel audio systems, high efficient power supplies, high efficient extended energy harvest solar energy conversion, medical grade power conversion systems and high power automotive inverters and chargers. Products are typically characterised by a high degree of innovation, high efficiency and long lifetime. The R&D and manufacturing process are strongly related in an ongoing drive for higher quality. Manufacturing is done on a global footprint.

Philips Medical Systems Nederland B.V.

Best, Netherlands
Philips Healthcare is an expanding business that plays a significant role in the vision of Philips that is built around healthcare and lifestyle. Our mission is to improve the quality of people’s lives. Our focus areas include imaging, information and monitoring systems and customer services. We enjoy a number one position in several of these including X-ray, cardiovascular ultrasound, patient monitoring and automatic external defibrillators. The last 3 years have shown market share gains and strengthening of its global leadership position for many products, margin expansion and enhancement of its competitive position with key acquisitions and partnerships. Underlying this leadership position is that Philips combines its expertise in medical technology with the clinical know-how of its customers to produce innovative solutions that meet not just the needs of individual patients, but which also enable healthcare professionals to work faster, more easily and more cost-effectively. Sales of PH amounted to 8.9 B€ in 2011.
The location in Best has roughly 2500 employees and is the headquarter for the interventional X-ray and Magnetic Imaging Resonance business.

Technische Univesiteit Eindhoven

Eindhoven, Netherlands
Eindhoven University of Technology Electromechanics and Power Electronics (EPE) group has an extensive expertise in the fascinating field of advanced methods and tools to enhance the analysis, design and multi-objective optimization of innovative electromagnetic structures and cyclically switched networks. This team has been part of numerous national, international and industrial projects with a state-of-the-art in-house infrastructure. Moreover, lately it is noticeable that challenging electrical system applications, in which both electromagnetics and power electronics play a vital role, exercises a large attraction on trainees, graduate and postgraduate student. State-of-the-art laboratories for testing and characterization are available in the EPE group. The University hosts a Doctoral Training Centre in Energy and Mechatronics and is part of the Centre for Mechatronics of the 3TU organization.

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