Addressing fabrication challenges

The project will address challenges on process technologies, production technologies and the handling and automation of advanced power technologies based on 300 mm wafers. Developments will include:

  • Wafer substrate materials for 300 mm diameter thin wafers in power applications;
  • New process capabilities and approaches aimed at resolving the absence of suitable substrate materials;
  • Enabling of processing equipment with capabilities derived from the requirements of manufacturing power devices on thin 300 mm wafers;
  • Safety requirements for new process technologies and statistical methods for lifetime assessments for advanced power technologies based on 300mm wafers;
  • Advanced multi-parameter simulation methods and models for in-depth systems investigation, prediction and optimisation;
  • Handling and automation concepts for thin wafer and special requirements of More-than-Moore fabrication lines;
  • Co-existence strategies for integrated multi-diameter wafer manufacturing; and
  • Application requirements for demonstrators and corresponding quality requirement profiles.

A primary objective is to conduct research into so far unexplored technological capabilities for setting up a fully-integrated pilot line for the fabrication of power semiconductors on 300 mm wafers. Once completed, the outcome of the work will be demonstrated for fully functional metal oxide on silicon field-effect transistor and insulated gate bipolar transistor products manufactured in Europe, proving both functionality and reliability in the application environment. Readiness for implementation in high volume production will be demonstrated by the end of the project.